Sunday, 3 May 2015

Professional Cleaners in Peckham Give Bathrooms a Good, Thorough Clean

Nobody is really keen on having to be put in charge of cleaning the bathroom. However, given how important a part it is of daily home living, there’s just no getting around the chore. Here are some tips that can help homeowners keep their private throne rooms spic and span at all times. Toilet Bowl Stains Although we never like to admit it, stains are commonly, and sometimes inevitably, left on the toilet bowl despite the many attempts at flushing. Among the causes of bowl residues is the fact that the components of hard water used for flushing are comprised of dissolved minerals in high amounts, which leaves scaly build-ups or dirty water rings in the toilet bowl. Another possible cause for development of bowl stains is rust because of the high iron contents found in hard water.

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